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Drill tail screw mold is a molding mold for making the drill tail screw for making screws with drilled holes at the tail. It can be tailored to customer needs to meet the production needs of different sizes, specifications and shapes. Drilling tail screw molds are usually made of high strength alloy tool steel or metal materials with wear, pressure and corrosion resistance to ensure their service life and durability. They have a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be designed and customized according to different drilling tail screw production requirements. The process of making the drill tail screw usually involves opening the screw at the tail through the drill bit, and then forming and treating the thread with a file, blunt card, cutter, etc., to make screws with high precision. Its advantages lie in the high efficiency of the manufacturing process and the high accuracy and stability of the manufactured drill tail screws. Drilling tail screws are widely used in construction, machinery, furniture, electrical appliances and automobile manufacturing, especially in some cases of emergency disassembly and important threaded connections. The drilling tail screw mold can produce screws with consistent quality and stable performance, improve production efficiency and save cost.

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