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High-Speed-Self-Drilling Screw Forming Machine ST1405


A self-drilling screw-making machine is a specialized equipment that is designed to produce self-drilling screws, which are screws that can penetrate into metal or other hard substrates without drilling a pilot hole first.

The machine typically includes a series of stations that perform various functions in the screw-making process, such as wire drawing, forming, head making, point forming, and thread rolling. The process begins with the feeding of the raw materials (usually wire) into the machine.

The raw material is then drawn through a series of dies, which help to shape it into the desired form. The formed piece is then cut to the appropriate length and fed through additional stations where it is shaped into the final product.

The final product is a self-drilling screw with a threaded shank, head, and point. The screw-making machine can produce screws in various sizes and configurations, according to the specific needs of the manufacturer's customers.

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