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About EPDM Bonded Washer


EPDM Bonded Washer is a type of gasket composed of two or more different materials, which has the main advantage of providing better sealing effect and durability.

The structure of composite washers usually consists of two or more layered parts, which can be made of different materials, such as metal, rubber, or plastic. This design enables composite gaskets to have different functions, such as sealing, shock absorption, insulation, etc., making them suitable for various application environments.

The main characteristics of EPDM Bonded Washer include:

High sealing performance: Due to the fact that the intermediate layer material of the composite gasket is generally elastic, it has a good sealing effect, which can prevent liquids, gases, and pollutants from passing through the gaps of the gasket, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

Good wear resistance: Due to the high wear resistance of the materials in EPDM Bonded Washer, they can resist high-speed rotating equipment and high-temperature and high-pressure environments, prolong equipment life, and reduce maintenance costs.

Good impact and shock resistance performance: Due to the rubber layer or other elastic materials in the EPDM Bonded Washer being able to absorb impact and vibration during operation, it can effectively reduce equipment vibration and noise while maintaining its stability.

EPDM Bonded Washer can be used in various mechanical equipment, automotive, aviation and other fields, and have a wide range of application prospects.