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At G-Land Hardware, we offer a huge selection of self-drilling screws for metal that includes a variety of sizes and specifications,especially the drywall self drilling screw.The screws are good selling in south America and South Africa.  The business team and all employees of G-Land Hardware are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers: providing fasteners that meet international standards and get the product to the client as quickly as possible, while remaining a competitive enterprise. 
Drilling tail screws can be drilled in a variety of basic materials, to achieve rapid splicing assembly, and strong adhesion, not easy to loose off, high safety factor. Drilling tail nail material is generally divided into iron and stainless steel system, there are as many as dozens of varieties.
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Bugle Head Drywall Self Drilling Screw Black Phosphate

Bugle Head Drywall Self Drilling Screw Black Phosphate

You can buy Bugle Head Drywall Self Drilling Screw Black Phosphate and a range of other fastening products at G-LAND Hardware . We offer a huge selection, so you always have fast access to the high-quality materials your work demands.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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G-Land has been producing Drywall Self Drilling Screw for many years and is one of the professional Drywall Self Drilling Screw manufacturers and Suppliers in China. You can rest assured to buy quality products from our factory. Any customer who needs a hardware quotation, we will provide a price list or even a free sample. As a wholesale hardware factory, we welcome customers to buy products from us in bulk, and we will provide you the latest selling product.
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