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Why is the screw machine stuck?


Generally, there are several reasons for screw machine jamming. (1) Screw quality: The quality of the screw directly affects the effect of screwing; (2) Operation errors: In the process of screwing, the screw machine is not used correctly, such as when When the screw torque does not reach the preset value, lift the electric screwdriver, etc. For the specific correct operation method, please refer to "Precautions for Using the Screw Machine";

If the screw is jammed, please follow the steps below:
1. Check whether the track of the screw machine is normal;
When foreign objects or other objects are found to be blocked on the track, relevant tools can be used to remove them;
2. If the track is normal, check the distributor;
Check whether the distributor is working normally, whether the screw can pass through the distributor normally, whether the cylinder can move back and forth normally,
3. Check the sensor;
If the above points are normal, check whether the sensor can work normally, and check whether the sensor is loose, if it still does not work normally, it needs to be replaced;
4. Whether the delivery pipe is blocked;
After the screw is distributed, it enters the delivery pipe. If the pipe is blocked, the screw cannot be driven out normally;
5. Batch nozzle is blocked;

If the batch nozzle is blocked, disassemble the electric batch and take out the screws.