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How does the Screwdriver Bit work?


A screwdriver bit  is a small tool used to drive screws or screws. It is the key component to fix or remove the screw. Screwdriver bits are usually made of carbide steel and are shaped and designed to match different types of screw heads to ensure proper torque transfer and complete the job safely.
Here are the general steps for a screwdriver bit to function:

Match the screw head type first: The shape and size of the screwdriver head must exactly match the screw head to be tightened or removed. Common screwdriver head types include Phillips, Flathead, Hex, Torx, etc.

Then insert the screwdriver bit: Insert the screwdriver bit into the groove or hole of the screw head, make sure it is fully embedded and in tight contact with the screw head to avoid slipping or damage.

Then turn the screwdriver head: use a screwdriver or electric screwdriver, fit the screwdriver head tightly to the screw head, then turn the handle or trigger the trigger of the electric screwdriver.

Apply torque afterwards: By turning the screwdriver bit, apply torque to drive the screw in or out.

Finishing the job last: When the screw is fully in or out, stop applying torque and remove the screwdriver bit.

Bit selection is important because if you use the wrong bit, you could damage the screw head or not get the job done. So, before using a screwdriver bit, make sure you choose the correct type and size to get the job done safely and efficiently.
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