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Torx S2 Screwdriver Bit

Torx S2 Screwdriver Bit

You can discover customized hex socket insert bits, square recess insert bits, Phillips S2 screwdriver bits, Torx S2 screwdriver bits and more at G-LAND Hardware. These terms describe how the bit tip is shaped. You must make sure you have the appropriate bits to match any potential screws you may be dealing with because the bit tip is the component of the bit that really engages with the screw. We are forward to work with you as a long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

The metal piece that connects to the end of your tool and works to insert the fastener into your work piece is called a quality Torx S2 Screwdriver Bit. Screwdriver bits are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate the many fastener head types you might encounter.When you choose G-LAND Hardware as your supplier, you can be certain that the products you receive will be of the greatest calibre.

G-LAND Hardware-Torx S2 Screwdriver Bit Parameter (Specification)

Name: Torx S2 Screwdriver Bit
Material: S2
Size: T15 T20 T25 T30
Length: 25mm
Colour: Black
Package: As Customer Requirement

G-LAND Hardware-Torx S2 Screwdriver Bit Feature And Application:

Frequently, a power drill or cordless screwdriver must be used for fastening. Finding the appropriate insert bits is frequently required when using a power tool for fastening.A variety of fantastic magnetic bits are available from G-LAND Hardware that fit neatly into your drill and link with your fasteners with ease. More importantly, you won't have to keep searching the floor for tiny fasteners that pop out the moment you use the drill. These small fasteners are held firmly in place by our magnetic parts so that you can start installing them while you fit them into your project.

G-LAND Hardware-Torx S2 Screwdriver Bit Details:

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